No subscription error when trying to update QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software that is used by businesses of all sizes and scales. Through this software, you can easily manage all the complex operations of the organization. However, while working on this software, you may face an error No subscription error when trying to update QuickBooks. This problem appears with an error message saying:

Your QuickBooks subscription has expired or lapsed


Sorry! It looks like your subscription has got expired or lapsed 

Causes of No subscription error when trying to update QuickBooks

You may face this error due to the following reasons:

  • Misconfigured internet browser 
  • When you are using an older subscription of QuickBooks
  • When you are facing a problem with the router
  • Outdated details of credit card

Solutions for No subscription error when trying to update QuickBooks

Solution 1: Update the billing info 

  • First of all, sign in as an admin to your Customer Account Management Portal 
  • Go to product and services, and then click on QuickBooks Desktop
  • In the payment information section, select the edit option
  • Now update all the related information
  • Once you are done, click on the save and close option
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and then click on the help menu
  • Now select manage my license and then click on sync license data online

Solution 2: Verify the settings of the Internet connection 

  • Go to the help menu and click on Internet connection setup
  • Now click on use the internet connection settings of my computer to establish a connection when that application accesses the internet
  • Now click on next
  • Click on advanced connection settings 
  • Once you are done, click on OK

In case an error persists on your screen, dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number and get immediate technical solutions for QuickBooks problems. Our team will provide you the best technical assistance at an affordable rate.