Steps to resolve QuickBooks found an Error when Parsing

QuickBooks is a well-known accounting application that is geared mainly for small and medium-sized business owners. Despite all these advantages, QuickBooks is also prone to technical issues or errors. One such problem is QuickBooks found an Error when Parsing. In this blog, we are going to discuss what QuickBooks found an Error when Parsing means and what are the different ways to mend the error. 

What QuickBooks found an Error when Parsing means

QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream appears due to illegal characters in XML data ESC. 

Some reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks found an error when parsing 

You may face this issue due to the following reasons: 

  • Illegal characters in the XML data ESC
  • When an invalid symbol is used in certain fields
  • When you try to paste the data from another program directly into ESC

Solution for QuickBooks found an error when parsing 

Solution: Remove illegal characters from the XML stream

  • Click on the start menu and type APPDATA% and then hit Enter
  • Now you have to open the ESC folder 
  • Once you have opened the ESC folder, try to delete the QBXML.log file from the content of the ESC folder and post it to QuickBooks again 
  • Before proceeding further, you have check whether the issue appears on your screen or not
  • If the error persists, click on the OK button to close the error message
  • After that, check whether ESC hangs up or not. If the ESC client hangs while connecting to QuickBooks, use task manager to end the program and then restart it 
  • Now try to post it to QuickBooks, you will see that the QBXML.log file will be regenerated in the Application Data\ESC directory 
  • Open the QBXML.log file to view the last entry. It will display all the transactions which are causing the error
  • Once you have found out all the transactions that are causing the error, open those records in ESC, and look for illegal characters. Remove them from the post and save the record. 

If the error persists, dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number for quick help.