QuickBooks error 1904

Get quick technical solutions for Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a trusted brand that manages all the accounting processes and helps businesses attain more profit. While working on this software, you may face Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks. When this happens, you cannot open QuickBooks or cannot perform your business processes. Thus, to resume working on the software, it is advisable to troubleshoot this error as soon as possible before it turns out to be an untoward situation for you. Go through this blog to get the right solution to fix Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks. 

What is Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks?

 Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks pops up on the screen when a user tries to install the QuickBooks file. This error can lead to data loss or abrupt functioning of the software if not solved on time. 

Why does Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks occur?

There are several reasons which can instigate the error on your screen. Some of the possible reasons for this error are as follows:

  • Missing .NET framework
  • Damaged or corrupted .NET framework
  • Improper installation of QuickBooks software

Symptoms of Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks

  • Your PC freezes 
  • Your active program crashes, and QuickBooks error 1935 appears on your screen
  • The response time of the computer increases 

How can you resolve Error 1904 when installing QuickBooks?

Solution 1: Repair .NET Framework

Solution 2: Update Microsoft .NET framework to the latest version

Solution 3: Run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool 

Solution 4: Turn off Antivirus temporarily 

Solution 5: Repair and reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Hopefully, all these solutions will help you fix QuickBooks Error 1935 in the least possible time. If you are still facing the error 1935, you can contact our experts at QuickBooks Support Phone Number for quick resolution of QuickBooks Error 1935.